Natur Bravo

JSC “Natur Bravo"  is the leader in the fruit and vegetable industry and one of the main export companies in Republic of Moldova, working in the following branches as apple juice concentrate and canned vegetables.

The headquarters of the company is located in Chişinău (the capital of Republic ofMoldova) but the factories are in Cupcini and Floresti. The JSC “Natur Bravo" permanent concern is to constantly provide safe and proper products for consumption. The certification of the quality management system ISO 22000:2005 and the implementation of the management system of the food product safety – HACCP stay at the basis of this principle.

The Company’s portofolio represents the perfect combination of unique flavor of fruits and vegetables and the perfect and refined taste of true gourmand. Due to the wide assortment, the products can be eaten hot or cold, as well as a garnish, everything being produced to satisfy the demands and expectations of consumers. The secret of success of

“Natur Bravo" products is a fully integrated manufacturing process starting from fresh raw material purchase that are grown in Moldova, modern equipment and highly qualified personnel and to continuous monitoring at all stages of a complex manufacturing process.

We use exclusively natural raw materials grown in Moldova without any addition of preservatives or dyes. Due to the packaging (Twist Off glass jars) fruits and vegetables preserve their maximum freshness, shape and natural properties until use.

Born in Moldova, brands “NaturBravo" and “Delicios" perfectly combine the bounty of nature of the country and traditional recipes of Moldovan cuisine. Those who appreciate our well-known products, such as canned vegetables, compotes and juices, jams – with no artificial additives and preservatives, who are willing to surprise their guests and friends with delicious dishes are recommended to choose products of “Natur Bravo" – that are appreciated for their excellent quality and impeccable taste.

Cupcini Canning factory

Cupcini Canning factory is one of the biggest fruit and vegetable canneries from the Republic of Moldova. The factory is located in the north-western part of Moldova in the area of traditional cultivation of vegetables and fruits, on the land area of 32 hectares. The equipment of the company was changed to the more modern and upgraded one, which is able to process up to 75-100 thousand tons of fruit and vegetable raw materials per year. The plant has its own railway line which allows its customers to benefit from such transport, optimizing logistics costs of the parties.
Today, the cannery is equipped with the following production lines:

Section of canned vegetables
Line of pickled and canned vegetables production – 10 tons / shift
Line of pickled and canned tomatoes production – 10 tons / shift
Line of compotes production – 10 tons / shift
Line of green peas and sweet corn production, production capacity – 60 tons/ shift.
Line of tomato juice and tomato pasta production – 85 tons/ shift.
Line of pickles and compotes production: jars 314, 370, 580, 720, 1000 and 1500 ml, production capacity being – 1000 jars / hour.
Line of pickled vegetables production: jars 720, 1000 ml, production capacity – 1000 jars / hour.

Juice production department
Automatic line of juice production in the “Tetra-Pak" (volume 1l) with capacity of 3,600 units per hour
Line processing of grapes and juice production – 20 tons / hour;
Juice sterilization and storage: 5 lines sterilization capacity 6000-7000 L / h and 336 containers with volume 24 m3 each.

Factory has warehouses that are defined an area of over 1 ha where finished products are stored.

Floreshti Canning Factor

Company’s history begins in 1962 with the opening of the Floreşti Canning Factory, a city located in the north of Moldova. Today factory is equipped with modern technological lines, which is able to process over 8000 cans annually.

    The factory has the following production lines:

  • line of pickled and canned vegetables and fruits production – 1650 tons
  • line of tomato paste production – 600 tons
  • line of apple juice concentrate production – 3 000 tons
  • line of juice production and bottling – 3 000 tons
  • which is able to process over 8000 cans annually – which is able to process over 8000 tons of cans annually.

    Factory Floresti also implemented and certified quality systems of food ISO 22000: 2005 and HACCP. The systems have been certified by the certification company “OQS", Austria.