Product Detail

Concentrate of apple juice

Concentrated juice is obtained by processing the fresh squeezed juice of direct pressing. To do this, the fresh squeezed juice is concentrated by the following method – evaporation of water. The evaporation technology: the natural juice is heated on special baking trays, but is not brought to the boiling point, because boiling simply destroys all the useful substances. It turns out a substance very similar to a viscous jam. Then this mass (concentrate) is packed in aseptic kegs or tankers, frozen and sent to the customer.

As a rule, neither sugar or other sweeteners are added to the concentrated juices.

Unfiltered apple juice concentrate 65 % Brix concentration and 70 % Brix was obtained by extracting the juice from the concentration of flavor in the station “Unipectin” having a capacity of 12 tons/hour of natural juice or 2,2 tonnes/hour juice concentrate. Production department of processing juice concentrate, has a storage space for aseptic semi-finished production with an area of 2,000 m3.

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